Recruitment & placements Services

“Finding the best candidates for the job”

The human resource is one of the most influential factors in your organization and should be taken seriously.  Finding the highest quality and most suitable candidates for the required position in the company is not an easy task, but it is very important, which saves resources and prevents expansive employee’s turnover that can harm the organization.

With the assistace of Adecco’s recruitment and placements services will improve and strengthen your company by providing top quality recruitment solutions everywhere in the world!

Our recruitment experts will provide a professional response and work closely with your company throughout the whole recruitment process, while focusing on the needs and aspirations of your business.

Adecco will perform tests, review and diagnose the position profile, select, screen and recruit employees in order to build the perfect corporate team for your company.

The process includes: Locating and diagnose various candidates, including the extensive database of candidates from the global Adecco company, Perform preliminary telephone interviews, Submitting a detailed list of quality candidates and continue conducting with the process with the chosen candidate. The recruitment and placement process are precisely tailored to the needs of the recruiting organization, in order to provide a quality, discreet, focused and efficient as possible.

Adecco strives to provide the best service and therefore introduces the organization structure and organizational culture, performs occupation analysis and role definitions and requirements, establishes a dedicated recruitment process while locating, sorting, analyzing information, conducting interviews, until the transfer of final report to the recruiting company.